A Visionary Testimonial

Years ago I met a pastor who wanted to build a church. The problem was he didn’t have a penny to build it with. So he found some land that was marked for sale. When he went over to look at it he explained to the owner that he wanted to build a church there. Later on he had a vision; of course he shared the vision of what the church would look like and how many people it could hold. I remember he stuck his hand in the ground he prayed, “Lord, this is where I want to build my church”.

The landowner agreed to make a deal with him that over time he could make payments. Later on after the deal was signed they discovered two things happened: A local concrete company paid and donated over a $100,000 for the sand on the land, and also contributed to build in the foundation of this church which now seats over 2000. That is how amazing vision is.



The plain simple truth about people who have great thoughts is that there is absolutely no accountability. There is no one saying- You are late, you need to fix this, you need to get back on track. If the thoughts just stay in your head ultimately you remain unaccountable and unfruitful. When you write and share your vision people will ask you about it and you want to be able to tell them that you have made some progress. When you share your progress you are able to garner other energy versus no one knows what you’re thinking, no one knows how to measure it, and no one knows the timeline.

That is why a written vision makes sense. It is the same reason people love sports in America because there is a winner and loser and statistics for every game. If you throw out the stats and the scorecard, it takes away the accountability, the measurement, and ultimately the fans.