Writing a Personal Vision

In my business, I primarily work with professional visionary planning. That is not to say that you cannot have a personal visionary plan. In fact, a personal visionary plan is just as important. There is essentially no difference in creating and sharing those two visions. However, the business vision can be considered easier to author because of it’s numeric nature. Personal visions tend to be more emotional, and thus, more difficult to quantify and measure. There are ways to measure them. For example, if your vision is to become happier that is too vague. You have to define it in measurable terms. You can define your happiness by how many times a day you smile, or make a positive statement, or how many times you laugh. The key, no matter what you vision is that it is definable, tangible and measurable. 


Your Vision is Doable

I find that a lot of people have typical dreams and aspirations- a nice car, large house, and high paying job. When they author those in their vision they become worried and don’t think it’s doable. The reality is that most people’s visionary points have already been achieved by someone else. It’s not even the impossible. It’s not creating a magic carpet or shoes that fly. Even those are possible. The stuff that people want, the material things they would feel tremendously content with, have been already attained, so that is a bigger encouragement, because it means that you can do it too.