Concentrate on Making Contact

I know there are a lot of sports fans out there. I am one of them. I was watching baseball player Josh Hamilton who hit four home runs in a game. An achievement only 16 people have done this in the history of baseball. Josh Hamilton had a tough life, but he converted over to having a more stable and spiritual life. This year he is leading the major leagues in every category: RBIs, home runs, and batting averages. After he hit the four home runs, ESPN interviewed him and asked what he did differently and what changed his year. I listened intently as he answered, talking about baseball of course, “I don’t worry about the power. I just concentrate on making contact.” Wow! Sure he was talking about the game, but that’s the story of vision, that’s the story of our life. Don’t worry about the power, just concentrate in making a contact and your vision will come to be.


Connection Chain

 The connection chain is huge benefit of vision. Having a written vision such as...

Obtain 5 new clients by next week


Generate $100,000 in sales by next year

The ability for you to demonstrate your vision at a meeting, a casual gathering or one on one adds to your connection chain, which is made up of people who have ideas or who can share some kind of energy that will help your vision come to be. Without being able to share that in a moment's notice you lose the possibility of transferring your energy. This connection chain is a live link that will constantly grow as long as you keep sharing your vision.