Delegating is such a key part to expanding yourself. I have noticed that people who don’t delegate are either very comfortable with what they do or they are afraid of going little bit further and loosing what they already have. What I have concluded is that the people that do delegate end up going to a higher level. They are forced. They have to mentor the person that they’ve delegated to. Even though they end up with the responsibility of managing that person, they themselves are able to have more time and can be more creative. Delegation, or replacing yourself, is a fantastic thing. Particularly if you want starts by delegating the things that you don’t like to do like the laundry or washing your car. You may think you can’t’ afford it to have someone take over, but the reality of it is if you delegate it and you use that time and replace it with what you do best you make five times the cost to replace yourself in those functions. The same is true when you replace yourself in even higher functions. The more you delegate and replace yourself, the more time you have to think and create on a higher level.



Being efficient is a major part of Strategic Visionary Planning. The best way to be efficient is to prepare for your next hour. I often equate efficiencies to time. Time is the most important asset we have as humans. The more efficient you are during every hour the more you extract out of that time; the more gratified you are, the better the results, the more items you harvest , the more you are part of a fantastic life. Be efficient.