How does vision apply to starting a business?

You may have already figured out that vision applies to everything, but it is especially useful in business. Most people who have aspirations want to begin something.  Often, they start by thinking about the how. How do I get more clients? How can I expand the business?  How do I get the supplies I need? How can I get the financing I need to get started?  Quite frankly, as honorable as the entrepreneurial spirit is, that approach is wrong. Those are all great questions and things you will need to figure out, but it is not the starting point.

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH VISION. When you are starting a business you must start with a vision. What is the gross revenue you intend to receive over what period of time? What is the business valuation you would like to have? What is the net profit over a specific period of time would you like to have? “What” and “When” is more important than “How”. Start with the “what” and “when” you would like to accomplish, then you can start to prepare of the “how”.

Once you have identified the vision, the end result, and the time frame then you can begin the second part of visionary planning which is equally as important. Most people start a business with a vision that is hindered by the idea that the entire responsibility of the businesses success is on their shoulders. You must learn the ability to share your visionary ideas, and to transfer energy toward your visionary ideas so you can get the help of others. Without the help of others people will tend to hit a lid, get exhausted, or fail.

The two processes of starting a business more efficiently are:

     1. Write your vision (what and when do I want to accomplish this)

      2. How to transfer energy to other people.

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