How to Inspire Your Visionary Team

One of the greatest things that you can do when you assemble a team is to ask questions and comment highly on their input. It’s like watering a plant; it nurtures their mind which probably hasn’t been nurtured with water in that way for a while. You will be surprised at the creativity and input you receive from others. Keep in mind that the greatest creativity is almost never the initial point. Like a plant, the greatest leaf is not necessarily the first leaf. The greatest ideas and visions that you’ve nurtured in other people come to be in some period of time when you continue to nurture them. It’s good to do on a regular basis to keep it consistent.

Recognition is another valuable thing you can do when you are trying to inspire your team. Allowing people to give their ideas and give them the recognition that their idea is going to be used is a great was to illuminate your team. You motivate them by saying--What do you think? How do you feel? What end result you think we should have? Let them have the role in the end of the vision. And more importantly, train them to be visionary.

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