How Vision Applies to Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

            Vision, charities, and non-profits have a common role, which is to help others. It is no surprise that vision can expand and accelerate the efforts of a vision. Everything starts with vision, and that applies to charities and non-profits.

            Consider what your organization is all about. Usually it is about helping a specific person, a specific disease, or counteracting a specific problem; Cancer research, hungry children, disabled veterans, education, etc.

            The best way to proceed is to quantify what your organization is trying to achieve.

-          Feed 100 Children

-          Help 5,000 cancer sufferers into remission

-          Reduce toxic waste by 40%

By creating and sharing specified solutions, you will be able to connect people more effectively. It may seem small or subtle, but it’s huge because they will understand that their contribution or involvement helps a percentage of the overall vision. They can measure it!

Most organizations have a mission statement on their website and other promotional material, which describes their purpose. I encourage all charity and non-profit leaders to include your measurable vision with your mission statement and get everyone involved!

Here are some charities I support:




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