Know Your Resources

Most people think that the only resources they have access to are the ones they can quickly access. The fact is that there are resources all around that they have never used or even thought of. Remember, you don’t have to worry about power of these resources, you just have to go in touch or stimulate them and that is done by sharing your vision, sharing your commentary, sharing your foresighted. You just never know, the person you are sharing with may have experience or ideas to help your vision. The power those resources can generate is more than abundant for what you will ever need to accomplish your vision. You just have to go out there and make contact.

For example: Years ago I was sharing my vision I decided to go speak to one of the highest ranking CEO’s in the country. The result of my persistence was they finally allowed me to speak to him but only for 15 minutes. Their expectation was that I was going to ask them for money or sponsorship of for some kind of support. To his surprise all I asked was how he handled some very big situations in a brave fashion with confidence and how would they preceded in the future. He reveled in sharing their victories, even in sharing their difficulties. The bottom line is that because of the sharing that 15 minutes lasted almost an hour and in the end that CEO gave me tickets to a national sporting event every year as a gift.


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