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Faith Like A Child

Faith Like A Child

The future generation of new ideas comes from people with faith like a child.

One of the greatest gifts that children have is the gift of a fantastic imagination. Children don’t worry about obstacles; they don’t worry about the power. All they know is that there are people out there who love them, that will hear their call, and quite frankly, they are not sophisticated enough to know what things can get in the way. That kind of faith gets them closer to the end result.

For those of you who have children, you will often hear them ask for a gift for their birthday, or a gift for Christmas. Usually those requests are very specific; what gift by what date. Sometimes children declare their future careers; I want to grow up and be a doctor. Just by pronouncing it, others will share. For example, the parents say, “My daughter wants to be a doctor”, and the word gets out. When the child realizes that there is recognition for that they try even harder or mention it more.

Having faith like a child is also about recognizing the power that is already there. You just need to let people know what it is you want to do so you can get nourishment, and use that power for the idea. Keep in mind that at no point does the child worry about the problems or obstacles that might stand in their way. Children don’t ask their parents what their taxable income is or if they have enough money. Children just say what they want.

The same is true for vision. Problems and obstacles are always there. The person with the clear vision, the one who looks at the clear result without thinking about the obstacles first, has a much better chance because they will approach it with a stronger more confident attitude. The stronger, confident attitude attracts energy of other helpful people who want to play a role in achieving the vision.

One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein is, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” He went on to say that if you want intelligent children to read them fairy tales, and if you want extremely intelligent children, then read them even more fairy tales. The point is to always build up their imagination. In imagination, nothing is impossible. All things are attainable in the imaginative process.

Imagination has manifested amazing tools throughout human history. Many of those were only invented over the last 50 years. Things that seem so accessible today were non-existent only 60 years ago, but here we are doing all these things that we couldn’t do before. What do you think will happen 60 years from now? Will there be more creation, more development of these fantastic ideas. Will they come from the people who feel they have obstacles in the way or the people who have faith like a child and a greater imagination?

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