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Delegating is such a key part to expanding yourself. I have noticed that people who don’t delegate are either very comfortable with what they do or they are afraid of going little bit further and loosing what they already have. What I have concluded is that the people that do delegate end up going to a higher level. They are forced. They have to mentor the person that they’ve delegated to. Even though they end up with the responsibility of managing that person, they themselves are able to have more time and can be more creative. Delegation, or replacing yourself, is a fantastic thing. Particularly if you want starts by delegating the things that you don’t like to do like the laundry or washing your car. You may think you can’t’ afford it to have someone take over, but the reality of it is if you delegate it and you use that time and replace it with what you do best you make five times the cost to replace yourself in those functions. The same is true when you replace yourself in even higher functions. The more you delegate and replace yourself, the more time you have to think and create on a higher level.


Give Them The Power

When I share vision with others I often talk about giving the power to others. People often ask me why. The truth is they already have power. When you start to share your goals and ideas and let them share their thoughts, ideas , and energy, you give them power. Often times you have to keep them on course and refocus the task at hand, but if it is in tandem with your vision then they are an invaluable resource. Having more power in a unit certainly makes the unit more powerful. Most people who try to be controlling or to tight fisted will find that they will exhaust themselves quickly and alienate many sources of power that could have been a source of extra energy.


How do you transfer energy everywhere? One person at a time.

You will often hear me refer to sharing as one of the largest components of vision. Sharing doesn’t just involve telling people your vision, you also have to transfer the energy. This can be a difficult concept if you have never tried it. The truth is that if you are passionate about your vision, it is easier than you think.

Transferring energy throughout the world does not happen overnight. Think of it like a flood. Normally it takes a while for it to seep through and flood everything. The same is true when you are trying to spread energy.

Transfer the energy one person at a time.

First you start with one source, then two. Before you know it, your two sources are transferring it to two more, and you are still initiating new sources. Eventually you flood the whole planet.

Like a tree spreading its roots. The root is syndicating its risk while strengthening the stability of its intention, which is to remain for a long time and overcome every obstacle. Every little root that is newly born takes time to strengthen the entire tree. So does the transfer of your energy. That is why you have to transfer it perpetually. Plant seeds everywhere.

For example, if you are trying to raise money for a charity it wouldn’t work that well if you were doing all the fundraising yourself, would it? It would be better to find other volunteers who can participate in the fundraising, and have them also find other volunteers.

That is the key!

How do you know if it is working?

You should start to see a measurable result. Energy transfer, like vision, should have an intention and measurable time frames.

The catch.

Not everybody is willing to take part in the pathway to success. If they aren’t, you just say my favorite four letter word: NEXT! Eventually, if you pursue it, you find enough to participate and will transfer energy on your behalf. I have seen it many times, and it is a beautiful thing, because you start to see the results multiply.

I will leave you with this: There is so much energy and resources available to you that you can’t handle all the business and new activity. If you want a piece of it, then be fearless and start transferring energy everywhere.



TRYP stands for, the replace yourself process. Most people don’t think of themselves as replaceable, but the fact is that the more you replace the functions that you view a mediocre or the ones you don’t like lifts you up. In turn, you have the ability to do more of the things you do like and the things you are best capable of doing. So picking and choosing the things you don’t like to do and finding someone to teach how to do them well is going to get a better result at the same time elevating you to a higher position. Replacing yourself is paramount to you reaching a higher level of stardom.


Vision Is Not A Solo Feat

Transfer your visionary energy to others

One of the biggest hurdles I see with people who want to do Strategic Visionary Planning is their self reliance to do it all alone. Good news! Vision is not a solo feat.  When you reach higher levels of the visionary success, you are sharing more of the responsibility of the end result.

How is this possible? In Vision: Your Pathway to Victory this aspect is called “replacing yourself”. In other words, you are able to utilize others’ strengths by transferring the energy of your vision.  That is one of the amazing points about having a clear vision, meaning it’s definitive, numeric, tangible, measurable, you can easily transfer that information to another person. Because your vision is so defined, that person will understand it, share it, and transfer that energy to others on your behalf. How easy is that?

Using this process empowers both you and the person you transferred the visionary energy to. Vision ignites an amazing flame that cannot be contained once it’s started. It will grow exponentially. All you have to do is be the spark.

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