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A Vision Holdup

There are many reason that people do not take the time to write and share their vision. One of the biggest reasons is that too many thoughts dominate a person’s day. I think the average person has about 10,000 thoughts a day. Trying to isolate that down into a few key points seems contrary to the natural way that we think. Like I have said before, when you let too many unfocused items overtake your day, your day seizes you instead of you taking an active role and winning the day. It is really fantastic once you do create a focal point, because more of your thoughts, and even more of your unseen actions are directed toward your definable intention making it more powerful and likely to occur. 


A Visionary Testimonial

Years ago I met a pastor who wanted to build a church. The problem was he didn’t have a penny to build it with. So he found some land that was marked for sale. When he went over to look at it he explained to the owner that he wanted to build a church there. Later on he had a vision; of course he shared the vision of what the church would look like and how many people it could hold. I remember he stuck his hand in the ground he prayed, “Lord, this is where I want to build my church”.

The landowner agreed to make a deal with him that over time he could make payments. Later on after the deal was signed they discovered two things happened: A local concrete company paid and donated over a $100,000 for the sand on the land, and also contributed to build in the foundation of this church which now seats over 2000. That is how amazing vision is.



The plain simple truth about people who have great thoughts is that there is absolutely no accountability. There is no one saying- You are late, you need to fix this, you need to get back on track. If the thoughts just stay in your head ultimately you remain unaccountable and unfruitful. When you write and share your vision people will ask you about it and you want to be able to tell them that you have made some progress. When you share your progress you are able to garner other energy versus no one knows what you’re thinking, no one knows how to measure it, and no one knows the timeline.

That is why a written vision makes sense. It is the same reason people love sports in America because there is a winner and loser and statistics for every game. If you throw out the stats and the scorecard, it takes away the accountability, the measurement, and ultimately the fans.


Avoid Rabbit Trails

One of the chapters in the book is called Anti-Visionary Processes which talks a lot about going on rabbit trails. Sometimes the fact that you are smarter, have access to more communication, more choices and more talents is confusing. On an average day you could be pulled into so many different directions. What I say is stay focused! If you master a one thing then you can learn, focus, and master many things. When you try to do them all at once and you’re not sure, you can get dragged in different directions, and usually nothing great ever comes out of that. That ball of confusion is very common in this world. Don’t be a victim; learn how to overcome rabbit trails by staying focused on your vision.


Build Your Committee

Recently I was at a conference speaking about Strategic Visionary Planning and signing some of my books that were freshly printed. Then, on an impromptu basis, I asked if anyone was interested in joining the book committee. By the way, there was no book committee at the time. The initiative had never been designed. There was only the vision. In response, seven intellectual and influential people said, “I would love to be on the book committee.” Since then we have already held our first committee call and received some great feedback on the book in addition to ideas on how to get the book into the hands of people who need it. Their resources times the resources of the people that they know are now becoming a power source for the vision of this book, and it continues to grow.

The point I’m trying to make is you too can connect pieces like that just by introducing and sharing your vision to others and asking even on a volunteer basis who wants play a role in a final result.


Give Them The Power

When I share vision with others I often talk about giving the power to others. People often ask me why. The truth is they already have power. When you start to share your goals and ideas and let them share their thoughts, ideas , and energy, you give them power. Often times you have to keep them on course and refocus the task at hand, but if it is in tandem with your vision then they are an invaluable resource. Having more power in a unit certainly makes the unit more powerful. Most people who try to be controlling or to tight fisted will find that they will exhaust themselves quickly and alienate many sources of power that could have been a source of extra energy.