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How do you transfer energy everywhere? One person at a time.

You will often hear me refer to sharing as one of the largest components of vision. Sharing doesn’t just involve telling people your vision, you also have to transfer the energy. This can be a difficult concept if you have never tried it. The truth is that if you are passionate about your vision, it is easier than you think.

Transferring energy throughout the world does not happen overnight. Think of it like a flood. Normally it takes a while for it to seep through and flood everything. The same is true when you are trying to spread energy.

Transfer the energy one person at a time.

First you start with one source, then two. Before you know it, your two sources are transferring it to two more, and you are still initiating new sources. Eventually you flood the whole planet.

Like a tree spreading its roots. The root is syndicating its risk while strengthening the stability of its intention, which is to remain for a long time and overcome every obstacle. Every little root that is newly born takes time to strengthen the entire tree. So does the transfer of your energy. That is why you have to transfer it perpetually. Plant seeds everywhere.

For example, if you are trying to raise money for a charity it wouldn’t work that well if you were doing all the fundraising yourself, would it? It would be better to find other volunteers who can participate in the fundraising, and have them also find other volunteers.

That is the key!

How do you know if it is working?

You should start to see a measurable result. Energy transfer, like vision, should have an intention and measurable time frames.

The catch.

Not everybody is willing to take part in the pathway to success. If they aren’t, you just say my favorite four letter word: NEXT! Eventually, if you pursue it, you find enough to participate and will transfer energy on your behalf. I have seen it many times, and it is a beautiful thing, because you start to see the results multiply.

I will leave you with this: There is so much energy and resources available to you that you can’t handle all the business and new activity. If you want a piece of it, then be fearless and start transferring energy everywhere.


How does vision apply to starting a business?

You may have already figured out that vision applies to everything, but it is especially useful in business. Most people who have aspirations want to begin something.  Often, they start by thinking about the how. How do I get more clients? How can I expand the business?  How do I get the supplies I need? How can I get the financing I need to get started?  Quite frankly, as honorable as the entrepreneurial spirit is, that approach is wrong. Those are all great questions and things you will need to figure out, but it is not the starting point.

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH VISION. When you are starting a business you must start with a vision. What is the gross revenue you intend to receive over what period of time? What is the business valuation you would like to have? What is the net profit over a specific period of time would you like to have? “What” and “When” is more important than “How”. Start with the “what” and “when” you would like to accomplish, then you can start to prepare of the “how”.

Once you have identified the vision, the end result, and the time frame then you can begin the second part of visionary planning which is equally as important. Most people start a business with a vision that is hindered by the idea that the entire responsibility of the businesses success is on their shoulders. You must learn the ability to share your visionary ideas, and to transfer energy toward your visionary ideas so you can get the help of others. Without the help of others people will tend to hit a lid, get exhausted, or fail.

The two processes of starting a business more efficiently are:

     1. Write your vision (what and when do I want to accomplish this)

      2. How to transfer energy to other people.


How to Write a Vision

Some types of personalities are indecisive. I find that these individuals have a difficult time starting their vision. The truth is that starting your vision is simple. Think of it like a birthday or Christmas wish list. Just write your wish list even if it is not clear or specific. You have to start somewhere.

I want a new car.

I want a new home.

I want a better job.

Those are not real specific, but from there you can define it to:

I want a new Mercedes

I want a 3000 square foot house

I want a new job paying $100,000 a year.

From there you can make them more specific. Starting anywhere is fantastic because it’s your thoughts that come into play by stating with the actuality of the specifics that you want. Ultimately you have to read over it and say- this is exactly what I want. Be careful what you write, what you wish for, and the way you describe it because that is what your vision can bring into reality.

You have to have an end game in mind with a timeline. You will find that even if you start at what is considered a basic level it will evolve to something clearer just by you writing about it and talking about it. You are planting seeds. That seed will grow. Your vision will grow. Clarity will grow and the power of you obtaining your vision will become evident.


Initiate Your Vision

Some resist writing their true vision because they have no clue how they would accomplish it. I say, write it anyway. Once you have written your vision pick one item or more and start sharing it with people you love and are close to. From there you can expand the circle of people you share your vision with. Tell them what you are trying to accomplish and ask for their input. What do they think? How would they accomplish it?

There are more mechanical and procedural ways to help your vision grow, but simply sharing is the starting point. It is the most powerful step you can take once your vision is written.


Modifying Your Definable Intention

You can change your vision. Changing your timeline is major, but changing the essence of what you want is more severe. This is why agreeing with your visionary plan is so important.

You have to be sure to stop yourself from going on rabbit trails. The visionary template is an alarm that indicates if your activities are tied to your definable intention. If you can’t identify the connection to your vision, it is a rabbit trail! Be sure to check your alarm because there are so many seemingly-related opportunities that in fact are distractions, and can disorient you from your vision.

The temporary accomplishment may seem worthwhile, but if it is not tied to your vision then you have redirected your energy and lost efficiency.


Story of a Visionary Couple

I hear testimonials all the time from people I have done strategic visionary planning with. Recently I heard from a long-married couple who are very successful. It used to be that they had growing children and different opportunities in life. They were unsure of where they wanted to go. Finally they sat with me and learned about vision, and they authored a vision together. It was unique because I do not see couple visions that often, but it showed the oneness of the couple. They wrote their vision which was specific points about the new jobs they wanted, the new location they wanted to live in, and selling their home which was devalued in the wake of the housing crisis. Within just 30 days all of their written visions came to pass. They were extremely thankful. I hope now that they are enjoying their new location, their new jobs, and their new home that they continue on the pathway and write their next vision.