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The Asset of Time

Time is the asset that we have been given. In a sense, time is all we have. When your time is up it doesn’t matter if you are tall or short or rich or poor. You’re time is up. There is a difference in time from one person to the next. An hour may be the same ticks and tocks for everyone, but it may not mean the same efficiency or the same amount of absorption that occurs for another person. What you are able to absorb and what you are able to create in that hour you can expand in life. If you learn how to get more out of every hour, and out of every minute then you are going to have a much more fulfilling life, and one of the best ways to do that is to have a vision.


The Right Path

When I do Strategic Visionary Planning, I am often asked how to know if it is the right path to accomplish my vision. My answer is that it’s always good to pause and see if you are on the right path. The easy way to do that is to review your vision and look at the deadline. The deadline or timeline is the key part. Looking at your time frame will allow you to determine if you are on course, and if it logical that you will hit your deadline with the items that you have on your vision.

If you discover that you are on not track and your initiatives are not yielding the results that you need, then it time to reassess your path. Sometimes you have simply gotten off course, or perhaps the energy has lightened up and you don’t have enough allies supporting your vision. At this point you have to rethink how to get back on track even stronger. Keep checking your vision. It is your alarm and it will alert you if something is off.


Vision in Social Media

When social media first became popular and regularly used, I was not much of a fan. I built my business and helped others build their businesses by getting in front of their target audiences. I still believe that meeting with people face to face is extremely powerful to building relationships and growing businesses. Moving into 2012, I began to learn more about the outreach of social media. It’s not just for young techies it’s for business professionals, retirees, leaders, everyone for the most part.  

In promoting Vision: Your Pathway to Victory I have seen how easy it is to write a blog, start a facebook, and post youtube videos. That was when I realized that social media and the internet is a great place to share your vision. Many of us, especially professionals, are constantly connected on email, text messaging, facebook, linkedin and many others. We have the ability to get our messages out to numerous people without leaving our homes or offices. That includes the ability to share our visions.

So next time you are writing an email or checking your social media page, post your vision, share your definable intention with the world. You will have access to a plethora of resources to help you achieve your vision. Remember you don’t know who everyone you know has access to. That is why it is so important to share with as many people as possible. You will get to your destination faster and more efficiently when you share and enlist the help of others.


Vision Is Not A Solo Feat

Transfer your visionary energy to others

One of the biggest hurdles I see with people who want to do Strategic Visionary Planning is their self reliance to do it all alone. Good news! Vision is not a solo feat.  When you reach higher levels of the visionary success, you are sharing more of the responsibility of the end result.

How is this possible? In Vision: Your Pathway to Victory this aspect is called “replacing yourself”. In other words, you are able to utilize others’ strengths by transferring the energy of your vision.  That is one of the amazing points about having a clear vision, meaning it’s definitive, numeric, tangible, measurable, you can easily transfer that information to another person. Because your vision is so defined, that person will understand it, share it, and transfer that energy to others on your behalf. How easy is that?

Using this process empowers both you and the person you transferred the visionary energy to. Vision ignites an amazing flame that cannot be contained once it’s started. It will grow exponentially. All you have to do is be the spark.

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Writing a Personal Vision

In my business, I primarily work with professional visionary planning. That is not to say that you cannot have a personal visionary plan. In fact, a personal visionary plan is just as important. There is essentially no difference in creating and sharing those two visions. However, the business vision can be considered easier to author because of it’s numeric nature. Personal visions tend to be more emotional, and thus, more difficult to quantify and measure. There are ways to measure them. For example, if your vision is to become happier that is too vague. You have to define it in measurable terms. You can define your happiness by how many times a day you smile, or make a positive statement, or how many times you laugh. The key, no matter what you vision is that it is definable, tangible and measurable. 


Your Vision is Doable

I find that a lot of people have typical dreams and aspirations- a nice car, large house, and high paying job. When they author those in their vision they become worried and don’t think it’s doable. The reality is that most people’s visionary points have already been achieved by someone else. It’s not even the impossible. It’s not creating a magic carpet or shoes that fly. Even those are possible. The stuff that people want, the material things they would feel tremendously content with, have been already attained, so that is a bigger encouragement, because it means that you can do it too.