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Everything We See

Everything we see came from that which we did not see. Whether it is your house, your computer, your iPhone, or the planet, the ingredients to make those fantastic objects were always here. It was vision that brought them together in a fashion for the intended outcome. When you have an intended outcome first, you can be sure the resources to create them exists.


Expand Your Connection Chain

Sharing and the connection chain are two of the biggest aspects of strategic visionary planning. In order to accomplish our vision in an efficient manner we need to have an effective connection chain. The easiest way to expand your connection chain Having your key points in your time frame in hand is important. The very fact that someone has heard something that you are trying to do in a specific period of time is, in a sense, expanding your connection chain. It’s not unusual or unauthorized to ask a person for help. This is what I am trying to accomplish do you have any ideas? You will be shocked at the amazing number of people that offer this for free and out of the genuineness of their heart, along with the fact that they will truly be able to help. 


First Comes Vision!

When people finish their vision they often wonder how it is going to occur. One major contributing factor is the initiatives. Creating initiatives is a fantastic part of strategic visionary planning and life. Initiatives are the activities you take to get a certain result. Most people forget that creating initiatives first that is the major error. Remember this; Vision is the definable intention from which preparation is formed. Initiatives are preparation, so first define your intention. Having a seminar, a gathering, a promotion, a sales strategy, those are initiatives. You need to define what your definable intentions are ahead of time. Then you can decide if the initiatives will get you there. When you incorporate others it becomes much more fun, much more efficient, and it gets better the next time you do it in that process.


How does vision apply to starting a business?

You may have already figured out that vision applies to everything, but it is especially useful in business. Most people who have aspirations want to begin something.  Often, they start by thinking about the how. How do I get more clients? How can I expand the business?  How do I get the supplies I need? How can I get the financing I need to get started?  Quite frankly, as honorable as the entrepreneurial spirit is, that approach is wrong. Those are all great questions and things you will need to figure out, but it is not the starting point.

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH VISION. When you are starting a business you must start with a vision. What is the gross revenue you intend to receive over what period of time? What is the business valuation you would like to have? What is the net profit over a specific period of time would you like to have? “What” and “When” is more important than “How”. Start with the “what” and “when” you would like to accomplish, then you can start to prepare of the “how”.

Once you have identified the vision, the end result, and the time frame then you can begin the second part of visionary planning which is equally as important. Most people start a business with a vision that is hindered by the idea that the entire responsibility of the businesses success is on their shoulders. You must learn the ability to share your visionary ideas, and to transfer energy toward your visionary ideas so you can get the help of others. Without the help of others people will tend to hit a lid, get exhausted, or fail.

The two processes of starting a business more efficiently are:

     1. Write your vision (what and when do I want to accomplish this)

      2. How to transfer energy to other people.


How to Inspire Your Visionary Team

One of the greatest things that you can do when you assemble a team is to ask questions and comment highly on their input. It’s like watering a plant; it nurtures their mind which probably hasn’t been nurtured with water in that way for a while. You will be surprised at the creativity and input you receive from others. Keep in mind that the greatest creativity is almost never the initial point. Like a plant, the greatest leaf is not necessarily the first leaf. The greatest ideas and visions that you’ve nurtured in other people come to be in some period of time when you continue to nurture them. It’s good to do on a regular basis to keep it consistent.

Recognition is another valuable thing you can do when you are trying to inspire your team. Allowing people to give their ideas and give them the recognition that their idea is going to be used is a great was to illuminate your team. You motivate them by saying--What do you think? How do you feel? What end result you think we should have? Let them have the role in the end of the vision. And more importantly, train them to be visionary.


How to Write a Vision

Some types of personalities are indecisive. I find that these individuals have a difficult time starting their vision. The truth is that starting your vision is simple. Think of it like a birthday or Christmas wish list. Just write your wish list even if it is not clear or specific. You have to start somewhere.

I want a new car.

I want a new home.

I want a better job.

Those are not real specific, but from there you can define it to:

I want a new Mercedes

I want a 3000 square foot house

I want a new job paying $100,000 a year.

From there you can make them more specific. Starting anywhere is fantastic because it’s your thoughts that come into play by stating with the actuality of the specifics that you want. Ultimately you have to read over it and say- this is exactly what I want. Be careful what you write, what you wish for, and the way you describe it because that is what your vision can bring into reality.

You have to have an end game in mind with a timeline. You will find that even if you start at what is considered a basic level it will evolve to something clearer just by you writing about it and talking about it. You are planting seeds. That seed will grow. Your vision will grow. Clarity will grow and the power of you obtaining your vision will become evident.