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Imagination is more important than knowledge

I was so please once when I read that Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. I then realized that every great thing that comes into existence came first from someone’s imagination. Were it not for the visions of others we would still be riding to work in a horse and carriage and using the pony express to deliver our messages. Remember, we are all given the same availability to have an imagination and the same resources are available to all.

Take the time to use your imagination, write your defined intention and bring your vision to life.


Initiate Your Vision

Some resist writing their true vision because they have no clue how they would accomplish it. I say, write it anyway. Once you have written your vision pick one item or more and start sharing it with people you love and are close to. From there you can expand the circle of people you share your vision with. Tell them what you are trying to accomplish and ask for their input. What do they think? How would they accomplish it?

There are more mechanical and procedural ways to help your vision grow, but simply sharing is the starting point. It is the most powerful step you can take once your vision is written.


Keep Yourself Motivated

You would think that with the prospect of such a bright future it would be easy to stay motivated. Every day is a gift and a new opportunity. That should be motivation enough. Often what happens is you will start off at full speed and then the passion starts to slowly drift. Keeping yourself motivated is a great anti-rabbit trail device.

When you are trying to motivate yourself in business or in general, you have to make a list of motivating people, motivating books, motivating phrases and other people who want to be motivated with you, people who will encourage you, so you bring more of the desired result. Like vision, bring more of that energy near you to create endurance.

Remember that with your vision you have the ability to make a difference in others lives and make a difference in seeing something come to pass that didn’t exist before you authored it. Hold on to that gratifying feeling, and use it to motivate yourself to do even greater things.


Know Your Destination

Many people have a difficult time understanding what it means to start at the end. The easiest example I can give is when you leave work. What happens? Usually you drive home, and you know where you are going. If you happened to be driving home and there is an accident on the street or it’s blocked because of a road construction, you can simply find another pathway home.

The point is the entire time you know where are you going and you will not stop until you arrive at your destination. You knew that first before you walked out of your office. That is what it's like in vision. Knowing where are you going and the pathways will follow. There are usually more pathways to your vision. All you need to do is know your destination.



Leadership is an important role in any project, organization or vision. One thing is for sure, leaders are made not born. Being a leader means constantly learning and remaining optimistic in the ability to arrange energy in a strategic way to get more out of tomorrow than you got out of today. Always striving to improve the process and expand to higher levels. It is when you can transfer that energy and inspire others that you are truly a great leader.


Modifying Your Definable Intention

You can change your vision. Changing your timeline is major, but changing the essence of what you want is more severe. This is why agreeing with your visionary plan is so important.

You have to be sure to stop yourself from going on rabbit trails. The visionary template is an alarm that indicates if your activities are tied to your definable intention. If you can’t identify the connection to your vision, it is a rabbit trail! Be sure to check your alarm because there are so many seemingly-related opportunities that in fact are distractions, and can disorient you from your vision.

The temporary accomplishment may seem worthwhile, but if it is not tied to your vision then you have redirected your energy and lost efficiency.