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The Visionary Template

I highly believe in using the visionary template. It is really simple. Think of it like a wish list. Think like a child. What do you want for Christmas? What do you want for your birthday? Write it out! The more specific and measurable you are makes it a real vision. Be sure to add your deadline date. If it’s December 31st, your birthday, the end of next month, or the first of next year, just include your timeline.

Simply a visionary template is your wish list that is defined so that you can transfer the energy of your vision to others. Failing to make a wish list means less chance of your vision occurring. You can download the visionary template on the Resources page of the website.


The Worlds Were Framed By The Word

There is a great verse in Hebrew 11:3 that says, “Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” That was written 2000 years ago and it is an amazing point because our computes, cell phones, cars, homes, satellites, planes, you name it - all came from that which didn’t appear. The interesting point is 2000 years ago the resources, the supplies, the materials, the chemicals to make everyone of those items existed on this earth. It was someone’s vision that utilized those resources and created something that changed the world. What can vision bring into existence 1000 years from now, 100 days from now, 1 day from now? The materials and the resources are here and are waiting for visionaries to bring them into fruition.


Think Like a Visionary

Everyone wants to know, how do I think like a visionary. The reality is that it is simple. Start with the desired result. When baseball teams and sporting teams go on the field, their end result is to win the game. Sure they want to get a homerun, a basket, or a touchdown, but primarily they want to get enough of those to get the winning score. Maybe the team played a great game, but if they lost they will still be frowning in the dugout.

In your life, you can frown in the dugout, or you can go out in the field and determine that you will win the game. Always have your end results first. When you have that you have a better chance than anyone else who simply thinks they are in a game, but they are just in the stands.


Transfer YOUR Visionary Energy!

The transfer of energy is the most powerful, unused asset of every individual. I cannot emphasize this ability enough. I often say if the success of your vision depended solely upon yourself then you are going to get overwhelmed, hit a lid, or fail. When you are able to transfer the energy to others who are capable, others who are willing, others who can give an opinion, you will find that there are multiple pipelines and resources that will serve your vision. Using this is the key.


You can transfer energy simply by writing down a few phrases and sharing them with someone or writing it in an email. Just ask: Can you help with this? What do you think of this vision? Who do you know who might help in this area? What would you do to handle this situation? Ask a group of people to see if anyone can give you resources. I have seen groups of people almost compete, but have fun, trying to figure out the best answers and resources for a vision. Most times you will be shocked by what you hear.


Every person is a resource in this massive chain of energy, which you have access to. Often times we just fail to use it or prejudge that someone can’t or won’t help. The truth is they can all help (You can read the story about Phil the Janitor in my book on page 70 for a great example), but some people don’t, and then you just say my favorite word—NEXT!


Vision for the People

I had two key factors in mind while writing Vision: Your Pathway to Victory. One is that the book was written to help people achieve a much higher level of abundance and gratification out of life, and secondly is that any earning from the book would go entirely to charity. We are designing a program for churches that are in need or have a desire to help its parishioners or guests. We are willing to, in many cases, donate the books or sell them below cost so the church can raise the money on their behalf. We think this is a fantastic way to honor the vision of the book, help the people, and it help charities. If you know of any organization that might be interested in this program please contact us. We are ready to help.


Vision in Marketing

Marketing with an intention.

Vision is probably the most key component in marketing. Most people confuse marketing with an activity like:

  • Make 30 phone calls
  • Send 1000 pieces of direct mail
  • Put a sign up
  • Advertise in the newspaper

Vision leads you in the direction of defining what you want from those activities. What is the result? 10 new clients? 100 new customers? 50% increase in sale? You decide.

Often you don’t get all of your results from one activity. It’s good to have an activity, but you have to assign an end result to each activity. Therefore you will know if the activity is working or if needs to be modified or thrown out. If you are making 20 phone calls to get 5 appointments then you have to define that.

One of the greatest parts of marketing with an intention is you can transfer the energy. If you hire someone to help you with marketing they can go out and try activities, but chances are it will be useless unless you give your marketing person a definable goal such as 5 appointments.

What’s more important, doing the activity or getting the 5 appointments? That is the value of vision.