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Testimonials and Book reviews

 I was fortunate to have a Vision Breakfast in Plano, Texas that was an incredible success. Bob Tiede of Campus Crusade for Christ along with myself were able to fill a local Smashburger for a special early morning eat and greet. Gordon spoke candidly about the power of visionary planning for those in business and ministry alike. Fifty men and women were challenged by Gordon to reach out to obtain their goals and personal vision with his book to guide them through the Visionary process. The response was overwhelming. Many lives will be changed as a result of Gordon's dedication and the sharing of his personal vision which motivates everyone who is able to hear him personally and follow up by reading and applying the principles of his book.

--Tye C. Williams, CFP Tye Williams Financial Services, Inc.



It is very hard to communicate complex ideas in simple words. Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill both had this rare gift. As I read Gordon’s lucidly written new book, VISION, I was struck by the ease with which he has successfully described difficult concepts that most of us struggle with. He has reduced them to easy to follow, step by step instructions for how to reach your dreams. Anyone who is willing to approach this book with an open mind, set his or her personal goals for life and follow the directions will be presently surprised to discover their own vast amounts of untapped potential for success. And it is never too late to start! I hope you will take time to read this short and well-written book. It could change your life!

 --G.B. Bose President and CEO of Washington Retirement Planning Specialists




I recently met Gordon and have had the opportunity to be with him in both one on one and group settings. The first thing that struck me about him was how much he cares about other people. Whether it is a speech he is giving, or merely a casual conversation, Gordon’s empathy and insight emanate from within for everyone in the room to feel. When he speaks, it is always from the heart, and always meant to edify those who are lucky enough to be benefitting from his phenomenal vision and experience. When I first heard Gordon speaking about business and life, and about the possible, the thought that quickly entered my mind, is that his vision isn’t some philosophical viewpoint that is only available for a few to latch on to, nor is it pie in the sky. He lives his vision, and his described pathway for achievement is something that we all have inside of us and available when we are willing to open ourselves up to the potential that God has for us all and is willing to give to us if we only listen and observe. Gordon’s accomplishments speak for themselves, and while they provide a beacon to the person who is in pursuit of their own dreams, it is really Gordon’s demeanor, personality, and ability to gravitate to the positive which, interwoven with his personal experience and accomplishments, really tie together what vision and accomplishment is all about. After interacting with Gordon, it is easy to come away with a new sense of purpose and a new way to view business and life. Everything we are and interact with is tied together giving and receiving, ebbing and flowing. Nothing is impossible, and all we need to do is be here telling the story and putting our best foot forward to help others. It is then, great things happen for everyone in touch with the process. Some of these thoughts are not easy to believe in a vacuum, but when you have the opportunity to hear Gordon or interact with him and hear his story, you realize that what you want is not just possible….it’s never that far away.

--Ryan A Klimek, Associate General Agent/Partner, Pinnacle First Financial Group, LLC

I certainly enjoyed the presentation that Mr. D'Angelo did. It was very encouraging to take the raw materials and gifts that God has given us and take courage and GO with it! I believe this is an important and timely message though and well worth processing through! Thank you again for the invitation to this inspiring event and the wonderful book.

--Gaylen Brainard, Author and Illustrator


I invited Gordon D'Angelo to speak at our business luncheon to a group of business owners. It was the best business luncheon we have had so far. He was so inspirational and motivational. He shared a few principles from his book, "Vision" with stories that illustrated those principles. He was engaging and had us glued to every word for the entire time he spoke. He positively changed the course of many businesses that were represented. I am so thankful to Gordon for the fuel he injected into our visions through his "Vision." 

--Shandre Harasty, Financial Advisor Edward Jones

In his address to our Summer Regional Conference, Gordon presented an excellent overview of the key ingredients to creating and defining a VISION for life and business. I would highly recommend his insightful, challenging and inspiring presentation to everyone who desires success and intends to achieve more in 2013!

--Arthur Farr, Director of NEXT Financial Group, has over 32 years of industry experience and runs one of the top Divisions at NEXT.



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